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Walk East Videos from Across China

Walk East Videos from Across China
Photo by kev1n Z / Unsplash

If you haven't been there, what do you imagine when you picture walking the streets of China? If you asked the American public they would probably either have no idea or answer some stereotypical anti-Chinese Sinophobic answer. That isn't to say the country and government aren't without there problems, but loath as many people are to admit, neither is the United States.

I'm not here to get into any of that kind of discussion though. What I want to do is hopefully show you want it's actually like for the people living there. What the streets and cities are actually like.

This week we have five videos from Walk East from Fuzhou, across the way from Taiwan, Chengdu, Tongren, Changsha, and Yongzhou. All of which are mapped above. It's a good spread across the country in places most people here in the US probably haven't heard of.

That's wild, by the way. Most folks can list off a ton of North American and European cities that are small compared to those in Asia. New York City has a population of 8 million people. Chengdu? 16 million. Fouzou? 7.5 million. Changsha? 8 million.

Personally, I think we all have a responsibility to be as well educated as possible about other countries. I've only left the States a handful of times and two of those trips radically changed how I thought about thinks in this country. If they can afford it, I always encourage folks to travel internationally at some point. It really does change your point of view.

Have a good week!

Fuzhou Walking Tour, The Night Forest Trail and Central Shopping Area | 4K HDR | Foochow, China
Fuzhou, the capital of southeastern China’s Fujian province, is a sprawling industrial and transportation hub. Its downtown includes the “3 Lanes and 7 Alley...
The 'Fuzhou forest walkway', commonly known as 'fudao', is a steel pedestrian route that covers about 19 kilometers (12 miles) along its winding path. conceived as an urban connector, 'fudao' links two bodies of water, while providing public access to the hills outside of Fuzhou's city center.
Chengdu Night Walk | Chunxi Road, Jiaozi Financial Street, Taikoo Li | 4K HDR | Sichuan, China | 成都
This is the latest China’s 2022 City Commercial Charm Ranking: First-tier cities:Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, ShenzhenNew first-tier cities: Chengdu, (No.5)...
Night Walk in Tongren, A Colorful and Stunning City in Guizhou, China | 4K HDR | 贵州铜仁
Hey, friends, I love this small city of Guizhou very much, the Tongren City.Tongren, known as the “gateway to eastern Guizhou”, is situated in the junction o...
Changsha Night Walk, The Modern & Cozy Chinese City We Always Expected | 4K HDR | 湖南长沙
Friends, hope you enjoy my newest Changsha exploring video.You would see a new cozy square and a new shopping mall in this video. Hope you enjoy it.Changsha ...
Lingling Ancient City Rainy Evening Walk | Liuzi Temple, Yongzhou, Hunan | 4K HDR | 零陵古城 | 永州
Want to see a REAL temple/pagoda in China? You can’t find anything more authentic/dì dào than the Liuzi Temple in Lingling. Down a “hùtong” alley in the sout...
You can't find anything more authentic/dì dào than the Liuzi Temple in Lingling. Down a "hùtong" alley in the southern portion of the city, this temple incorporates traditional Chinese architecture and layout, across the river from similarly ancient buildings.