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Taiwan 24/7

We now go live to Taiwan.
A sun sets over the Taipei skyline.
Photo by Thomas Tucker / Unsplash

One of the cool things about all of the walking videos we've shared thus far is you get to see how things are really like when roaming the streets of any given location. But that's just a snapshot in time. Any video from 2019 is going to be returning to a world before the pandemic. But what is a place like right now?

Today, we travel over to Taiwan across a few different YouTube channels, all which offer 24/7 camera feeds from various locations on the island.

I think its interesting to see what things are like on the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean right this second. Is the weather over Taipei nice and sunny with picturesque views? Or is the skyline hidden behind layers of fog with only blurry lights visible? All of that, of course, depends on when you're tuning in. Here's a quick reference notice so you know when to catch feeds during the daytime.

Taiwan's time zone is CST (GMT+8).

Noon EDT = Midnight CST
Noon PDT = 3 AM CST
Noon CEST = 6 PM CST
Image of Taipei skyline at night. Text reads "Taipei Travel Live Cam 4K"
【Taipei Live Cam】象山看台北 - 4K即時影像 | Overlooking Taipei at the top of Xiangshan | 象山から望む台北
【象山看台北 - 4K即時影像】#台北101#百萬夜景 #夕陽美景 #跨年煙火 #繁華台北 #魅力之都 #眺望台北盆地-📍台北絕佳觀景地點:象山步道-攝影平台象山親山步道是遊客與台北市民休憩踏青的好去處,也是攝影愛好者捕捉美景的熱點,其中視野極佳,能一覽台北城全貌的攝影平台更是必朝聖的景點。攝影平台是象山親山步...

Part of the joy here, at least for me, is seeing the country transition out of night and into day as the sun rises and more things come into view. This is doubly true for our next camera feed located at Daxi Old Street in Taoyuan City, near Taipei. As the morning comes, people start leave their homes, bikes go up and down the street, and lots of morning walks begin.

Sometimes I stop and think about the fact that all of these people almost 7,000 miles away have no clue that I can see them in that moment. Then I can't help but wonder of all the times that's happened to me. That I'm just some bystander in the background of someone's video or in a livestream.

It's both unsettling and comforting. The former, because I don't need people perceiving me. The latter, for me, because maybe there was someone out there who was having the same moment, the same thoughts, but this time I'm on camera. Is it not a little bit moving that someone 7,000 miles away might be thinking about you?

I still think about this Korean granny and her Tteokbokki stand that we frequented when visiting. She obviously doesn't know it. Though we could never really talk due to the language barrier, she left her mark. I wonder how many times we have too?

Note: The cameras in these feeds are either monitored or are programmed to pan periodically. Sometimes they won't move for hours on end, and other times they will rotate every 5-10 minutes.
Daxi Old Street Live Cam 大溪老街即時影像
#好家在我在家【大溪老街即時影像】桃園市政府風景區管理處更多旅遊訊息→桃園觀光導覽網:https://travel.tycg.gov.tw快下載「桃園智慧遊」APP👍 馬上升級你的旅遊體驗! 📱iOS & Android:http://traveltaoyuan.com.tw/app大溪老街即時影像固定網址▶...

Moving on! If you want to skip to more active parts of the day or specifically want to see sunrise or sunset, YouTube keeps the last 12 or so hours of these feeds so you can rewind and start watching from there. This tip is particularly useful for some of the other feeds located in more rural areas with zero lighting. Unless you like staring at completely empty screens for hours on end.

My recommendation? Wake up, flip to one of the feeds, set the video back to just before sunrise and let it play during the course of your workday!

A sun rises over a multi-arched bridge leading to a small island with the ocean underneath.
【Live Cam】東海岸即時影像- 三仙台 | Sanxiantai | 三仙台風景区 2160p

I'm not sure the last time you've looked at the island of Taiwan, but do so and you'll see that most of the population lives on the West side. Getting people, especially tourists, to check out the East side of the island is apparently something the government is trying to encourage. These following live cameras are all provided by the East Coast National Scenic Area (ECNSA). The website which you should absolutely check out includes details for planning your trips and a history of that side of the island.

【Live Cam】東海岸即時影像- 長虹橋 | Changhong Bridge | 長虹橋 2160p
©本即時影像由 東部海岸國家風景區管理處 建置長虹橋優雅的拱形橋身橫跨在秀姑巒溪出海口處兩岸,在山海交際之處形成一道美麗的虹影,成為東海岸的著名拍照地標,而這裡也是泛舟的終點站,一艘艘疲倦又滿足的泛舟筏在這裡靠岸。沿著步道在溪畔漫步,水鳥輕巧的在河床邊覓食,自行車來來往往,兩旁的植物隨季節變換風景,若是累了,不妨...

I particularly enjoy these last two as they highlight the beautiful coastlines (at least when they're not super zoomed in).

A predominantly purple image with the ocean on the left and the coastline of Taiwan on the right.
【Live Cam】東海岸即時影像 -大石鼻山 | Dashshibi Hill | 大石鼻山 2160p
©本即時影像由 東部海岸國家風景區管理處 建置大石鼻山位於磯崎海濱遊憩區南端,為一突出海岸線的小山,由於地貌多為巨大岩塊,突出海岸的地理位置似「鼻」、山形似龜背,因此稱謂「大石鼻山」或「龜庵山」。東部海岸國家風景區管理處在此地沿山勢興築「大石鼻山步道」,全長750公尺,南北端各設置有出入口,亦設置公廁及停車場。登...

Obviously any of these feeds could be periodically down. But they've largely been up for weeks. If they go down, check out some other feeds on the respective channels.

Have a good week!