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Seoul Walker

An introduction to the newsletter and five relaxing walking videos from Seoul Walker on YouTube.
A picture of a plaza in South Korea. A few people cross a nearby crosswalk as cars drive by in the opposite direction.
Image via Seoul Walker.

As an example of what you can expect, this is the first (and only) entry from what was supposed to be my Substack newsletter.

It’s hard to believe we’re coming up on two entire years with Covid. I’ll admit, it was a hard transition. Just three months before the start of 2020 I was walking the streets of Seoul for the first time. Going from a place where getting around on foot via public transportation was so easy is such a stark contrast to the fear of sickness that soon started as we all tried to distance ourselves from each other.

I like to think it was a combination of my trip and the sudden quarantine within the same four walls that drove me to search for walking videos. While at first they were meant as a way to experience being back in South Korea, they ended up being something a little different.

Do you know that feeling when you walk into a business or something and there’s stock footage of some country on a TV? It’s calming, right? At home, I have a two monitor setup. In the past I’d have something on in the background at times; content like that requires at least some of your attention though. What I wanted was something I could play and entirely ignore, glancing over from time to time to brighten up my day while I was working.

In doing so, I stumbled upon a channel called Seoul Walker. The producer, Nathan, lives in Korea and frequently films his walks around the entire country. From Seoul proper to Busan, Jeju Island, and more.

There are even a few different kinds of videos. In most, Nathan doesn’t talk at all. He just walks quietly and films. In others, he live streams and interacts with chat if you’re looking for something a little more engaging come bed time.

Here are five videos to get you through the week. If you’re interested in knowing more about the location, I recommend reading the video description. Seoul Walker normally includes information about the area he’s in, when it was filmed, the weather, and links to where he is on Google Maps.

If the background noise is too much, I recommend turning it down and playing some sort of lyric-free music over it. Lo-fi, classical, whatever you’d like. I’ve found it helps prevent me from being overwhelmed by the sounds of the city.

My personal favorite is Seoul Olympic Park. After being cooped up so much over the last two years, I wish I could teleport there to get some fresh air.

Have a good week!