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Croatia, Poland, & Ibiza - 4K Urban Life

Did y'all know the Croatian coastline is gorgeous?
A boat motors into a deep blue/green harbor with lots of other boats floating around.
Image via 4K Urban Life.

My first real experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator, outside of the tutorials, was a bush trip where you visit various small airports and airstrips. In it, you fly from the northern tip of Croatia, down the Adriatic Sea coast and eventually through Montenegro, Albania, and finishing in Greece.

I remember being stunned at the scenery of the coast. It's legitimately one of the most gorgeous areas I've ever seen. So I figured, hey, why not try and find some footage to leave on in the background?

A Google Maps satellite image highlighting a path from Croatia down to Greece
Rijeka to Santorini

Today, I spotlight 4K Urban Life which, counter to what the name suggests, also has a ton of videos focusing on rural areas.

In today's first hour-long video, we predominantly see Croatia on foot. Not everything is filmed while walking, however. You'll also spend some time driving the streets and see a plethora of drone footage from above. It does really well to highlight the astonishing coastlines.

God this really makes me want to visit...

If you have your own background music, keep this one muted while playing. 4K does have its own background music which you can use if you so desire.

Our second video is part two of 4K's feature on Croatia. It's mostly the same but with much more drone footage spread throughout.

Now we head off to Poland for another 4K video featuring Polish castles and the scenery around them. These shots are much briefer as it all seems to be tied to the music. Nonetheless, still an enjoyable watch. I'm a sucker for landscape shots, what can I say.

Lets close things out this week by going somewhere a little further east: Ibiza. Don't worry, there's no electronic music here, just some shots showcasing the beauty of the island.

Footage includes Ibiza Town, Ibiza Harbor, Torre de ses Portes, and Sant Antoni de Portmany.

Anyway, hope you have a good week! Lately I've been really feeling that sightseeing itch and have been playing a lot of Flight Simulator which you can find over on my Twitter. Seemed fitting to do more of that with my background videos for the week.

A river curves back on itself with light clouds slightly obscuring the image.
From one of my flights over England.