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Arkibk Train Aki - 3 Train Journeys in Shikoku

How about a different method of transportation this week?
A train track runs down the center of the screen with fields to the left and right, a mountain in the near distance.
Image via Arkibk Train Aki.

Today, I've got three train journeys from the YouTube channel Arkibk Train Aki. All of them are from rail lines on Shikoku. Figured it's better to theme them to a specific area so you get something of a sample of what the area is like.

In total, the videos will run you about 5.5 hours.

There are a lot more of these videos on the Arkibk Train Aki channel and we'll definitely be back down the line.

As a reminder, if the rumble of engines is too loud or too distracting, I recommend reducing the volume as low as possible while still allowing the more important sounds to come though. (Typical train track sounds, announcements, etc). If you play some lo-fi music in the background it can help cover up the noise while still letting you feel like you're not watching the video on mute.