About The Wind Down

Working in complete silence isn't an option for everyone. When people were stuck in the office, you had to play music through your headphones to drown out the noise. Now it's the opposite. My office is completely silent and I need something to help. That's how I ended up on a long journey, exploring various corners of YouTube to find the latest chill and relaxing videos I could leave on my other monitor.

A lot of them double as sleep aid if you want some background noise or something "boring" to watch. Unsurprisingly, what makes me relax and focus during work also helps my quiet my mind.

What to Expect

One free weekly newsletter with four or five YouTube video recommendations highlighting a new channel or new video type each week. The aim is to find something that works for you!

Future Plans

If you want more, I plan on offering a paid newsletter at 500 free subscribers.

It will return to video types we've already released a newsletter about. Whether you want more videos to watch during the week or just want to know what Seoul Walker has been uploading recently, this is the one for you.

I desperately want to already be doing this, but it would double my time commitment each week which is something I can't do without some kind of return. Plus, by that point the costs will begin to climb and I'll need a plan to offset them.

Ultimately I just want to share the things that work for me, in hope that they work for you. Plus, I get another outlet for my writing, so win-win.

I had been travelling around Central America, living in a van and sharing experiences with other travelers.  Having just dropped my last travel buddy off I headed back to Lake Atitlan and found an incredible spot to camp right next to the lake.  There was this jetty sticking out into the lake where I sat watching the sunset, once again living the dream on my own. I knew something special was happening there, and now it has become BitcoinLake!
Photo by Mark Harpur / Unsplash