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A Minecraft Longplay - InfiniteDrift

Minecraft sounds to sleep to.
The two Minecraft characters and a wolf overlook a village with a mountain in the distance.

I was 17 when Minecraft first got popular in 2010 so I can't really say it's something that I grew up with. It has, however, been weirdly consistent in my life as something I play or watch at least once every few months for the last 12 years. That's a long time in the video game world. Few games manage to stay relevant over a time like that.

There's something relaxing about Minecraft even without that history though. Everything seems specifically built to bring you to a place of serenity. The light water sounds as you paddle swiftly through the oceans. The bouts of silence interrupted only by soft footsteps or the gentle thuds of a block being mined. And when all of that comes together with songs from C418 it sometimes feels like coming home to me.

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I don't particularly have a ton of commentary this week outside of that. I know the whole point of this newsletter is to shine a spotlight on videos, not the words that go alongside it, but that doesn't stop my brain from feeling like this week's installment is too short.

Either way I hope this is something you find enjoyable. I think it's particularly great if you just need something other than silence.

Hope you have a good, holiday-shortened, week!

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