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A Different Window - Nomadic Ambience

Work somewhere else for the day.
The side of a brick building with greenery in the foreground, viewed through a grungy window.

I'm lucky enough to have a window right next to my desk. Most of the view is blocked by a six foot tall concrete wall, but I can also see the tops of short trees waving in the wind and the blue sky behind them. It's enough to get by, especially when the weather outside is nice enough to open the window.

Sometimes though, I do want that workplace feeling that I no longer get while working from home. My company's old office had these expansive windows, making it incredibly obvious what the weather and traffic were like outside.

My solution? Turn my second monitor into a literal window. Go to New York City, Prague, or Seoul and have my window be somewhere else for the day.

For those of you already living in the city, I apologize. Today's videos are probably a feeling you're intimately familiar with. 
The corner of a high-rise in Seoul looks over Seoul Station and a busy road below.
Seoul Cityscape - Rain Open Window City Sounds in Seoul, South Korea | 4k
Open window to the Rain in Seoul, South Korea. This view was recorded in Seoul. This recording provides a view of Seoul station with sounds of thunder and ra...

It may surprise you to find out that I first stumbled upon this channel after visiting South Korea and wishing I could go back. Because of that, my favorite video out of the handful I'm sharing from Nomadic Ambiance is the one from Seoul. Recorded on a rainy day, with the window open, overlooking Seoul Station and the traffic below. It's got lots of rain sounds, thunder, and none of it is looped.

I'm not necessarily against "fake" sounds, but I certainly prefer videos from this channel that at least use sounds from the same location as the camera. Lots are recorded around the city and then simply set to a video of the skyline. Others are like this, but with the audio from a much lower floor in the building which provides more sound.

A pulled open window is covered with raindrops. Orange Prague rooftops are blurred in the background.
Rainy Sounds in Prague, Rain on Glass Window for Deep Sleep, Relaxation and Study | 1 Hour
Rainy Day in Prague, Rain on Glass Window for Deep Sleep, Relaxation and Study. Spent a few weeks traveling in Prague, Czech Republic. Did a quick rain recor...

You could also go to Prague for a less traffic heavy afternoon. This audio is all real as well. However, there has been thunder added in from a recording in Atlanta. Not sure how I feel about that, but it's a background video. No need to be picky. And look at that view!

I've really been laying it on thick with the rain sounds lately, huh? I promise that's all for now!

How about New York City on a normal non-rainy day? Does that sound good?

Open Window New York City Soundscape at Night (Midtown Manhattan City Sounds) 4k
City soundscape of Midtown New York City in binaural audio. This is a view of 33rd street from my hotel room in the evening. The audio is not looped and reco...

There are certainly videos with more exciting views on Nomadic Ambience, but this one features some of the best background sounds and was recorded on location, unedited. At least we still get to watch a bunch of people and get to see a few cars moving around. In case you are wondering, the description specifies that it was recorded at 33rd Street.

I'm also throwing in this recording from Boston, though the audio quality isn't as good as it is on the others.

Open Window Downtown Boston, MA City Soundscape at in the Evening | 4k
Binaural city soundscape of Boston Massachusetts on Halloween. I recorded this audio a while back from my hotel window of Downtown Boston the evening of Hall...

Finally, we go to Monterrey, Mexico! We're firmly in the room for this one with a really relaxing transition from afternoon to evening.

City Night View - Open Window Cityscape Sounds and Traffic Ambience | 4k ASMR
Open window city sounds in Monterrey, Mexico for sleep, study and relaxing. This audio was recorded with a binaural microphone and is not looped with video f...

That's all for this week! Short and sweet newsletter this time. Hope these bring you even the smallest amount of joy!